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Ada Lovelace, Poet of Science: The First Computer Programmer 
Year: 2016 
Ada Twist, Scientist 
Year: 2016 
ISBN 13: 9781419721373 
Ada's Ideas: The Story of Ada Lovelace, the World's First Computer Programmer 
Year: 2016 
Ben Franklin's Big Splash: The Mostly True Story of His First Invention 
Year: 2014 
ISBN: 1620914468 
ISBN 13: 9781620914465 
Breakthrough: How One Teen Innovator Is Changing the World 
Year: 2015 
Emmet's Storm 
Year: 2015 
ISBN: 1942247044 
ISBN 13: 9781942247043 
Fitness for Geeks: Real Science, Great Nutrition, and Good Health 
Edition: 1 
Year: 2012 
Genetic Engineering: Science, Technology, Engineering (Calling All Innovators: A Career for You) 
Year: 2016 
ISBN: 0531232190 
ISBN 13: 9780531232194 
Global Warming Primer: Answering Your Questions About The Science, The Consequences, and The Solutions 
Edition: 1 
Year: 2016 
Green City: How One Community Survived a Tornado and Rebuilt for a Sustainable Future 
Year: 2016